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About ADS International

ADS International was established in 1980 in Japan.
The foundational principle of ADS establishment is to spread the technology and the knowledge of diving which matches the environment and global standards of the region. This principle is shared by diving education of ADS International Groups in Taiwan, Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea, China and U.S.A.
There are more than 2000 ADS instructors in the world with diving guidance to cooperate as a social contribution in each region, a better marine environment development for the purpose of coral conservation and cultivation, and expansion of the fishery resources.
Many of ADS divers participate in a number of ADS ecological projects such as seashore cleaning. We believe this promotion of ADS eco project help the future of this planet.
The ADS International diving education system has been adopted in a wide range of fields, such as education of school curriculum in addition to activities of recreational divers, diving education of rescue activities, diving education of marine researchers, commercial diver training, and support of underwater photography.
The ADS International in each country, according to the needs of the sea and the divers in the area, provides up-to-date textbooks and teaching materials to ADS instructor through the representative section of each ADS, and to support the teaching activities in a unique diving school programs.

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